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Make a Summer Play Grab & Go Station

2017-07-12 by Kristina Buskirk
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This blog is part of our “Summer Sparks” series where we will give you tips to inspire a summer of wonder! For more ideas on how to encourage imagination all summer long check out more blogs and toys!


Our Grab & Go station makes playtime a cinch because kids can just grab one or two of the play prompts inside the basket and head outside for fun! Each week we change the items in the basket to keep things exciting.

Summer Play Grab & Go Station

With the structure of the school year gone, my four kids are home for the summer and constantly wanting to know, “What’s next?” We have several fun weeks of vacation planned and a week or two of camp, but I also love to make sure we have a lot of unstructured time for kids to be outside, read, and create! To stave off the “I’m bored” cries, we set up a Summer Play Grab and Go Station this year!

Outdoor Summer Play Station

Our Grab & Go station makes playtime a cinch because kids can just grab one or two of the play prompts inside the basket and head outside for fun! Each week we change the items in the basket to keep things exciting.

Here are a few of our favorite Grab & Go Station toys this week:

The Giddy Buddy Bowling set is usually the first thing to get picked from the basket. Sometimes we set up the pins for a family bowling tournament, and sometimes we tape numbers or alphabet letters on the bowling pins to work on basic learning concepts.

The toddler just likes to steal the bowling ball and roll it around. She loves the sound of the ball bouncing on the concrete!

Bowling set for kids

The kids also enjoy planting seeds and taking care of our flowers with their Pretty Petals Tote Set. The toddler has fun squirting the plants with the water bottle to give them a drink and my 6-year-old digs big holes. My toddler also loves just carrying the tote bag around and stuffing rocks, flower petals, and sticks inside.

Sometimes we use the water bottle and chalk to make and spray an alphabet garden.

Pretty Petals Tote Set

Our Happy Giddy Tunnel is a beloved toy that gets played with daily inside of our house. Occasionally popping it into the Grab & Go basket and sending it outside, makes it even more exciting! Add in the Trixie Kickball to push through the tunnel or use for a family game of kick the can and the afternoon can get a whole lot more awesome! The tunnel is also perfect for outdoor obstacle courses!

Trixie Kickball

The biggest hit this summer has been our 4-in-1 Game Rug! Several kids can play games at the same time because the rug is so long! Playing checkers outside is a blast and then the rug can easily be dusted off and rolled up for indoor play.

Game mat for kids

The Skippy Frog Toss & Grip and the Giddy Buggy Binoculars are two other toys that sneak into our basket quite a bit. Bug hunting is extra amazing with binoculars.

I haven’t heard “I’m bored” in a few weeks now! I call that a success!

Do you have any other favorite toys that you would include in a Grab & Go Station?

Over on Toddler Approved today we are sharing our Ultimate List of Backyard Play Ideas filled with simple & awesome ways to play using our favorite Grab & Go Basket toys. Go HERE to check them out!

Make a Summer Play Grab & Go Station and keep kids occupied all summer long!

Kristina Buskirk

Kristina is the founder of Toddler Approved. She is a mom of four (ages 8, 5, 3, and 5 months), as well as a National Board certified teacher. Kristina taught elementary school for several years before she retired to be a full-time mom. She loves chocolate, running, traveling, and party planning. You can follow the Toddler Approved Facebook Page for more fun activities.

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