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Making a DIY Calendar with Preschoolers: Part Two

2014-01-21 by Kim Vij

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Guest blogger Kim Vij from The Educators’ Spin On It shares her creative preschool activity ideas, using a simple diy calendar! 

Making a DIY Calendar with Preschoolers Part Two

Using her Print Your Own Calendar set, Kim shared these additional Calendar Activity ideas.

12 Calendar Activity Ideas:

  • Place numbers onto calendar in numerical order or use Number Stickers
  • Place days of the week in order
  • Sequence Days of the Week Cards
  • Sequence Months of the Year Cards
  • Sing Days of the Week and Month of the year Songs
  • Create a pattern by printing Calendar pieces on different colors of paper and alternating
  • Create a pattern by using themed stickers on Calendar number pieces
  • Use Popsicle Sticks to count the Number of the Day to learn about Tally Marks
  • Use small items to count on the number of the day Beads, cubes, Blocks, Lids, anything!
  • Group the Number of the day into tens and ones with linkable cubes or sticks
  • Create number sentences using the current date’s number
  • Discuss the concepts of yesterday, today and tomorrow

Making a DIY Calendar with Preschoolers Part Two

Using a calendar at home has many benefits to your child including providing a system for structure and consistency. It can encourage your child to start to thinking about upcoming events throughout the year and to think of others as we celebrate special days together with loved ones.  Calendars can encourage your child to start looking for patterns too as you begin to alternate pieces to create pattern on your calendar. Here are a few more tips for Discovering Patterns with Kids. Start with just a simple calendar and let your child take the lead and see how quickly they will learn the vocabulary and calendar concepts.

CLICK HERE to get her step-by-step directions for your own diy calendar!


Kim Vij

Kim Vij is an early childhood educator and mom of three. She shares her “Educator’s Spin” on parenting issues and how to make everyday moments into learning opportunities at The Educators’ Spin On It and award winning Pinterest Boards. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest!

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