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Bead Buddies Craft!

2014-01-02 by Michelle McInerney

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Guest Blogger Michelle McInerney shares her DIY Bead Buddies Toys, made from Melissa & Doug’s Bead Bouquet Deluxe Wooden Bead Set!


See the spots and stripes and wonderfully varied wooden bead shapes come to life as fun and colorful characters: Bead Buddies! Imagine all the different characters you could create…


The simple steps

– Use matchboxes or any small cardboard boxes to make the bodies. Using child-safe scissors, cut the boxes down, if necessary, to create the right box/body size.

– Stuff each box with a little newspaper before gluing down the lids, with fast drying non toxic glue, to give the bodies some solidity.


– Cover the boxes in white poster paint first to block out any printed graphics on the boxes.

– When dry, use your choice of poster paint colors to make the bodies deliciously bright and colorful. I mixed blue and white to get the lighter blue and for the orange I mixed red and yellow. Use one of two coats to achieve the best smooth and even color.


– Now you’re ready to start gluing the beads together, different shapes for the arms, hands, legs, feet, nose, ears. Using a fast acting glue will mean you can assemble your colorful bead buddies as quickly as possible.

Bead Buddies Craft


Michelle McInerney

Michelle McInerney, Irish mum to one little girl called Molly, is the founder and craft designer behind award winning blog, MollyMooCrafts.com – a fun and colorful online world of unique crafts for children and crafts for parents to make for their children to inspire play. Michelle’s favorite areas of exploration are papier mache, paper craft, wool, felt and recycled craft. 

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