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10 Must-Have Art Supplies for Unlimited Crafts with Kids (Part 2)

2013-01-15 by Melissa & Doug

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Arts & Crafts activities can provide endless hours of creative fun for children – but what are those must have art supplies that you really need to keep in your craft closet?

Part 1 of our “Top 10 Must-Have Art Supplies” post featured some of the basics, such as crayons, specialty paper, and stickers! Now let’s finish off our list with the remaining five items!

Remember: if we missed any of your favorites- let us know!

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  1. Cut it Out! – with  Scissors
    Often, a good pair of scissors and some paper are all you need for creative work to begin! Look for child-safe scissors (cut only paper and have a dull tip) for young children, and try scissors that cut in different patterns to add some pizzazz to any project!   CRAFT TIP: For a simple art project, make a “celebration” work of art by cutting different colors of construction paper into small pieces (size will depend on child’s ability). Apply glue liberally to another piece of construction paper and either place the smaller pieces one at a time (overlapping or mosaic) or take a handful of the smaller pieces and press down. Wait 1 minute. Shake off excess.
  2. Get the Stamp of Artistic Approval with Stamp Sets & Pads
    Stamps are perfect for MANY craft projects, but did you know that you can use stamp pads for fingerprint art? Sure! Just press fingertips into the stamp pad and then press them onto paper to make a design. You can make everything from hearts to flowers! Of course, stamp sets can also help create lovely stationery and works of art, so they are an absolute “must” for an craft closet.
  3. Paintbrushes and Sponges
    Painting with paintbrushes is great fun for kids and also strengthens their wrists (if standing at an easel) and fine motor skills. But, using simple sponges you can create all kinds of fantastic masterpieces too! CRAFT TIP: Take a sponge and dampen it very slightly to make it easier to cut. Cut into random shapes or cut out a specific object (a fish, for example). Now, dip the sponge into poster paint and press onto your paper. Repeat to make beautiful scenes (an aquarium) or patterns!
  4. Add a Twist with Chenille sticks
    Chenille sticks come in a variety of fun shapes, sizes, textures, and colors, and can be used for unlimited craft projects. They’re wonderful for strengthening fingers and using fine motor skills, too. One way to use chenille sticks is to make animals and insects. Try making a spider by forming a circle (the spider’s body) with one chenille stick. Then cut eight of  the same length “legs” and twist each one onto the circle. Separate them into 4 on each side. Glue on small googly eyes and voila, spider! What other insects or animals can you make?
  5. Bring on the Glitz with Sequins, Plastic Gems or Glitter
    Kids love embellishments! Let them have their fill by loading up on all things sparkly, like plastic gems, glitter, sequins, and glitter glue. These extras add the finishing touches to all beautiful creations. CRAFT TIP: Cut out a circle from a piece of card stock, construction paper, or the cardboard on the back of a pad of paper.  Have your child decorate the entire circle by gluing plastic gems to it. Girls can punch a hole through the paper or cardboard before adding gems and tie off a piece of yarn to make a necklace fit for a fashionista. Or, use just one color gem on it and pretend you’re a miner who has just made huge discovery!

Did we miss any supplies that are an absolute “must” in your house? Leave your tips in the comments below, or join the conversation on Melissa & Doug’s Facebook page!


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