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Phone Number Learning Activities for Kids!

2015-03-27 by Julie Kieras

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These four phone number learning activities for kids are brought to us by our guest blogger Julie of HappyStrongHome.

One day, I left my cell phone at home by accident. Which wasn’t really a big deal to me, until I wanted to call my husband to check something and realized, I couldn’t accurately remember his cell phone number!

Phone Number Learning Activities for Kids

It occurred to me that if I couldn’t remember it, my children certainly would not know any of our phone numbers! In today’s digital age, it’s too easy to assume we can just scroll through our contacts list and dial the right number.

So I made it a point recently to teach my sons my cell phone number using a variety of games and activities. Within about twenty minutes, my son could accurately recite (or sing) my number. He’ll need to practice it routinely to have it stick, but the games made it interesting for him to learn the number.

Phone Number Learning Activities

First, we sang the number to the tune of “This Old Man”. Like this (this is not really my number!):

My phone number is

Two, oh, three

Six, seven, one

Five, oh, two, eight

That’s my number

two, oh, three

Six, seven, one

five—, oh—, two—, eight!

You’ll have to adjust the timing depending on what your number is, but you get the general idea.

Phone Number Learning Activities for Kids

After singing this song about five times, we switched to another activity: abacus telephone numbers!

I used number stickers on card stock to lay out my phone number. Referring to the cards, my son slide over the correct number of beads – one number on each line. It works out perfectly because an abacus has ten numbers, and so does a phone number plus area code!

We read the abacus numbers a few times when he finished lining up the beads correctly.

Phone Number Learning Activities for Kids

For our third activity, because he was getting fairly familiar with the number by this point, I shuffled the number sticker cards and had him place them in the correct order. I heard him singing the song under his breath while he figured this out! It was sticking!!

Phone Number Learning Activities for Kids

Finally, I created a telephone number dot-to-dot printable for him to trace from number to number around a telephone picture. He found this activity quite simple and easy. You might even do this activity first as an introduction, since it’s really just drawing a circle around the phone. However, I think my son liked realizing he really knew the phone number by this point, and he happily traced several times around the phone, saying his number. (Get the free telephone dot-to-dot printable here!).

Reviewing the phone number

Phone Number Learning Activities for Kids

To review the phone number another day, my son selected his choice of colorful number stickers and stuck them on a paper.

I also put number magnets on the fridge and from time to time, I’ll ask him to quickly go arrange the magnets into my number.

All these phone number learning activities could be done over several days or in one session. Or repeated weekly until kids have a firm memory of the number. They’ll be having fun, while learning a very valuable bit of information!

How do you help kids with phone number learning? Join the conversation in the comments below!

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Phone Number Learning Activities for Kids


Julie Kieras

Julie Kieras mothers two inquisitive boys with the support of her husband in the lovely four seasons of New England. She is often found at home interpreting toddler-speak, elbow deep in Play Dough, or behind the pages of a book. She blogs about her family life at HappyStrongHome.com.

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