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Pretend Play for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

2012-09-19 by Crystal

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Get ready for some swashbuckling pretend play adventures for Talk Like a Pirate Day, with this treasure hunt from special guest blogger Crystal!

Hello, my name is Crystal, and I am the writer of Growing A Jeweled Rose, a children’s site where I share fun and educational play activities. I am so excited to be sharing this fun playtime with you here today!

pirate play collage

My little girl Rosie’s imagination has really taken off, and I have been having so much fun bringing worlds to life for her. So when this Pirate Chest and Pirate Role Play Costume Set arrived in the mail from Melissa & Doug, I knew just what I would do with them! A Pretend Play Pirate Treasure Hunt!

This was such a fun playtime!

I wanted to surprise Rosie with this activity and really tap into the magical world of make believe, so I went to a beach close to our house and buried the treasure chest in the sand without her knowing. I then used washable liquid watercolors to make an X in the sand.


X does mark the spot after all, and this will wash straight away at the next rainfall.

Then I hurried home to get Rosie. I was so excited!

I built Rosie’s excitement the whole way back to the beach, telling her we were going

 on a hunt for lost treasure. Once we arrived, I gave her a hand-drawn map of the area. Then Rosie put on the pirate costume and was magically transformed into a pirate!

pirate play

There is a wooded trail that leads to the beach really making this the perfect spot for this activity. We walked the trail looking at our map often to make sure we were on the right track.

girl in pirate costume

Before we arrived I had hung a pirate flag from a tree for Rosie to discover once we were near the destination where the treasure was buried.

pirate flag

When Rosie saw the flag she was really excited!

Once we made it to the beach Rosie spotted the X almost instantly. She said, “Look mama!” and went running! She immediately began digging for the treasure in the sand.

girl in sand

girl in sand

girl playing in sand

She was so excited when she saw the treasure chest and couldn’t wait to open it!

girl with toy chest

She was even more excited by what she found inside!

girl playing


Wait…. what’s that?  A secret compartment!


No, really! One of the wooden slats lifts to reveal a secret compartment. In it, Mommy had hidden a beautiful necklace with a large gem broach. As soon as Rosie saw it, she insisted I put it on her.

Pretend Play Talk Like a Pirate Day

She has not taken the necklace off since!

Rosie loved this playtime so much! Not only that, but I have lots of other fun play ideas in mind using this treasure chest and pirate costume too! I cannot wait to bring more imaginative worlds to life using these wonderful Melissa & Doug products!



Crystal is the writer and creator of Growing A Jeweled Rose, a play based website packed full of fun and creative playtimes for children. Crystal is currently staying home with her two small children, Jewel and Rosie, and strives to make the most of her time with them by providing fun and enriching activities! She strongly believes in the value and importance of play and that childhood should be a magical time in life. Drop by Growing A Jeweled Rose for lots more fun play ideas or stay connected through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Google+.

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