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Toy Fair 2016 – Countless Ways to Play!

2016-02-13 by Melissa & Doug

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“Toy Fair”. . . put those words together, and they stir broad smiles and imaginative thoughts in children. For Melissa & Doug, Toy Fair means getting together with friends at a gigantic sound puzzle, and sharing ideas that can inspire countless ways to play!


This year at Toy Fair, Melissa and Doug got to hang out with our Blog Ambassadors, guest bloggers and some other special guests at our fun-filled Toy Fair Booth in New York City. What a great time!


Melissa had the opportunity to share her passion for creative toys that nurture childhood imagination, including our brand new toaster play set, sturdy wooden cooktop set and a wooden set for laundry play!

woman and frame

Arts and crafts are near and dear to Melissa’s heart, and as the mom of six children she knows how crafting can help build confidence and creativity in kids. We believe that childhood creativity is boundless! That’s why we offer options for those starting out with simple coloring activities, art kits that help kids create more intricate designs, and sets for children who want to showcase their work in the window so everyone can see.

toy fair

As Melissa says, even the most shy child will beam with confidence and come alive when he or she puts on a role play costume! Pretending to be an airplane pilot, famous chef, a firefighter or police officer, an astronaut or even a swashbuckling pirate can magically transform an average day into an exciting adventure filled with countless ways to play. In fact, putting on a costume can unleash a child’s imagination as quickly as you can say, “Abracadabra!”

Melissa & Doug

And speaking of magic, Melissa and Doug had some new tricks to share... with nothing up their sleeves. The fun and sense of accomplishment children can gain when mastering professional style magic tricks – tricks designed to be mastered by kids – are amazing! While putting together their magic show, young magicians can develop presentation skills in the comfort of home and learn that practice really can bring great results. Those are important lessons that can go with a child through an entire lifetime.

city rug

Melissa knows the value of a growing imagination, and an activity rug can bring a world of pretend play to life the moment a child’s foot hits the floor in the morning! Ready to be jumped, kneeled and walked on, these vibrant activity rugs are designed to stay on the floor around the clock. Children can hop up and down while playing the classic game of hopscotch – even when it’s raining or cold outdoors! And kids will love driving the included wooden vehicles around town, down a speedway or along the paths of a construction zone. They might even want to “horse around" a bit.

Melissa & puzzle

toy ship and castle

One of Melissa & Doug’s first toys more than 25 years ago was a fuzzy puzzle. Today we’re still committed to providing creative puzzle play, for every skill level from early childhood to adult. Our new 3-D puzzles combine the joy of puzzling with the added value of creating your own 3-dimensional play set and accessories. Build a pirate ship, a multi-level medieval castle or a dollhouse . . . all by combining puzzle pieces! It’s a craft, a puzzle and a play set all in one! Children will take pride in their accomplishment each time they play.

We really enjoyed spending time with our friends at Toy Fair, and hope you enjoy our photos!

Melissa and crowd




Melissa & Doug

Our team of play experts occasionally enjoys sharing news about our company, new product launches, and some of the #CountlessWaysToPlay with our toys, crafts, and games. At Melissa & Doug, we’re on a mission to inspire the innovators of tomorrow through kid-powered play!

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