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Travel Tips: 4 Ways to Stay Happy in Hotel Rooms

2013-06-06 by Melissa & Doug

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In the summer, we know you may be “hitting the road” – so we're providing you with some fantastic traveling resources along the way! Right here on our blog, we’ll give you the inside scoop from top-rated blogger moms on their favorite tips and tricks for traveling with kids. As you'll see below, we’re getting some tips from Tiffany of Peanut Blossom, as she shares her favorite ways to keep kids entertained (and comfortable) in hotel rooms.


In her post, Tiffany shares some of the ways her family manages the sometimes tight quarters hotel rooms can provide – which can become especially unbearable during extended stays. In both this post, and her Road Trip Sanity Savers piece, Tiffany suggests sticking to a few fundamentals:

  • Keep things clean and organized
  • Keep things comfortable
  • Keep kids entertained

Here’s how these principles apply to a hotel stay.

1) Keep the hotel room clean! Like many moms, Tiffany prefers to find a space to ‘put’ everything – even empty suitcases (our favorite tip: bringing a pop-up hamper for dirty clothes!)

2) Keep kids entertained. This is especially helpful while grown-ups are getting ready for the day, or to provide some “unwind” options. Bringing mess-free arts and crafts meant Tiffany could keep the kids happy with something small and portable, that wouldn’t stain the hotel bedding or furniture!

4 Ways to Stay Happy in Hotel Rooms with Kids *Get ideas for managing tight quarters while traveling and ways to keep kids entertained (and comfortable) in hotel rooms from the Melissa & Doug blog.

3) Bring your own treats! Another way to keep kids comfortable in an unfamiliar place is to provide all the goodies from home that they love. (Tip: this helps you avoid needing to use the vending machines or mini-bar.)

4) Don’t forget that nighttime can be very different for little kids (to say the least). Extra noise, dim rooms, and unfamiliar places can cause some discomfort for kids during bedtime. Tiffany shares some pretty creative ways to help improve sleeping conditions for all (even if someone snores…)

Check out Tiffany’s entire post here and read all her tips for helping the whole family stay happy while in hotels.  

Tell us: What would you add to her list of suggestions? Share your tips and photos with us on Instagram, using the hashtags #TakeBackChildhood, #CountlessWaysToPlay and #MelissaAndDoug.


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