Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Have kids describe the picture on each stamp.

  • Have kids count the stamps, the pencils, and all the pieces together.

  • Make a number line, stamping a column of objects to represent each number. For instance: one rainbow, two butterflies, three teddy bears, and so on. Write the corresponding numerals below.

  • Use the stamps to show math problems. For instance, you could show 2+2=4 using groups of roses instead of numerals.

  • Stamp the beginning of a repeating pattern and have kids continue the pattern.

  • Stamp two of each picture on a piece of paper, then cut up the paper to make a memory game. Turn the pieces face-down and take turns flipping two at a time in search of a match.

  • Use the stamps to make custom stationery, encouraging kids to stamp unique borders onto plain paper. Use the stationery to write letters to friends and family members. Use the stamps to customize matching envelopes, too!