Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • CRAZY CLEANUP: Scatter pins on the floor, then have kids race to pick them up, based on clues ("Grab the one with a moustache!").

  • CREATURE FEATURE: Every monster has a story to tell! Have kids give each monster a history. Where did they grow up? Were they always monsters?

  • BEAST BALL: Play catch with one of the monster pins, moving one step apart after each catch. How many catches in a row can kids make?

  • BLINDFOLDED BOWLING: Have kids try to knock the pins over with Klonk (the ball) while wearing a blindfold or closing their eyes!

  • MONSTER CONCERT: Have kids give the monsters distinctive voices, then give a "monstrous" musical performance!

  • HIDE & SEEK: Hide the monster pins and the ball, then challenge kids to find them.