Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • ANIMALS ON PARADE: Have kids identify the animals in the stamp set. Have them stamp the animals in a line, then make each animal's sound as you point to it. Talk about the different habitats in which the animals are normally found: Which are usually pets, which live on a farm, in the ocean, and which might be seen on safari?

  • RAINBOW REVIEW: Have kids identify the colors on the stamps and the colors of the markers. Have them find the same color on more than one stamp (for instance, the blue on the parrot, the rhino, and the whale). Have kids find a stamp that has the same color or colors as one or more of the markers. Have them stamp a picture with it, then color it in using the same colors on the stamp handle. Then, have kids stamp the same picture and color it in using different colors.

  • PATTERN POWER: Stamp the beginning of a repeating pattern and have kids continue the pattern.

  • CONCENTRATION: Have kids stamp two of each animal on a piece of paper, and then help them cut up the paper to make a memory game. Turn the pieces face down and take turns flipping two at a time in search of a match.

  • PICTURE THIS: Have kids draw a picture of a landscape or background, and then stamp images onto the scene to tell a story. Encourage kids to use as many of the stamps as possible, to name the characters in the story, and to color in the stamped pictures with the markers.