Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Help the child identify the construction vehicles and the trailer. Talk about all the moving parts on each piece and how they make construction work easier.

  • Have the child identify the colors on the vehicles and the construction pieces. Have him or her count all the pieces, as well as details like wheels, windows, circles, and stripes.

  • Have the child sort the set into pieces with wheels and pieces without wheels. Ask which group has more (without wheels) and which has fewer pieces (with wheels).

  • Have the child stack the construction pieces and the road barrier on top of each other on a flat surface, and then roll the dump truck toward the pile. Challenge him or her to roll the truck as close as possible to the pieces without knocking them over!

  • Have the child use the loader to scoop up pieces one at a time and then tip them into the dump truck. Challenge him or her to use both the front loader bucket and the backhoe bucket to pick up the various pieces.

  • Take turns with the child telling a story using the pieces in the play set. For instance, you might start by saying, "A brick wall has collapsed and is blocking the road!" Encourage the child to explain how the vehicles might be used to help clear the road and what happens next.