Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • COUNT ON IT: Lay the coins in front of kids and have them count aloud as they point to the Number 1 coin, Number 2 coin, and Number 3 coin. Have kids point to and say aloud the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on the cash register and on the levers.

  • CATEGORIES: Encourage kids to press the levers and identify the categories on each scroll (clothing, food, toys), then identify how many there are of each item (1 T-shirt, loaf of bread, teddy bear; 2 shoes, blocks of cheese, toy cars; 3 caps, apples, alphabet blocks).

  • WHAT WILL IT BE? Round and round it goes; where it will stop, nobody knows! Have kids hold down a lever for different amounts of time to spin the scroll, and have them guess which picture is going to come up next.

  • FOR SALE: Encourage kids to set up a store or restaurant with one or more of the items shown on the scroll. Ask them to take your order; pay with the corresponding coin (1 for a teddy bear, 2 for shoes, 3 for apples, etc.).

  • *Helpful Hint: If the wheel stops in between pictures, manually spin the wheel or press the button again.