Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Help the child count the number of pieces.

  • Ask the child to remove one piece at a time from the puzzle as you count aloud. Help the child return the pieces to the puzzle board as you encourage the child to count with you.

  • Line up all the reindeer, and help the child find ways that all of them are the same. Then talk with the child about the ways that each one is unique. (You can focus on the position of their legs, whether their eyes are open or closed, which direction they are facing and so on.)

  • Help the child make up a Christmas story using the puzzle pieces. You could pretend that Santa is preparing for his sleigh ride on Christmas Eve. Ask the child to tell you where the reindeer are when the story begins, how Santa calls them to the sleigh and how he know he knows where to harness each reindeer. Do they have a snack before they leave? Are any of the reindeer pulling the sleigh tonight for the first time?