Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • With the packages in a straight line, help the child to count them aloud.

  • Ask the child to arrange the packages by size or height. Ask: Are any of the packages exactly the same size?

  • Choose one of the packages and help the child identify all the colors on it.

  • Ask the child to estimate which of the packages has the most colors on in, then help count all the colors on each package to check the answer.

  • Name a shape and ask the child to identify all of the packages that feature that shape.

  • Choose one of the packages and name any attribute, asking the child to gather all the other packages that share that trait. For instance: This package has blue letters. Are there any other packages with blue letters?

  • Ask the child to stock the shelves of a pretend grocery store using the packages. Help the child make a shopping list that includes some or all of the items (using writing or pictures), then let the child fill a bag with everything on his or her list.

  • Find an ordinary cardboard box to use as a pretend cooler, then place all of the packages inside and close the "lid." Name one of the items and ask the child to retrieve the item as quickly as possible without letting any "cold air" out. To increase the challenge, describe the item rather than naming it--for instance: "Please get the red container with two strawberries on the front."

  • Set up a pretend restaurant, with the child as the waiter. Ask the child to recommend different options for drinks, snacks, and sandwiches. (As a craft project, the child could also create a menu.) Ask the child to create a special "combo of the day," using several different Fridge Foods to describe a deluxe platter or sandwich with a creative name.