Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • SING IT! Have kids place the uppercase letters on a flat surface as you slowly sing the alphabet song. Once the letters are lined up, sing the song together as you point to the letters. Repeat the activity using the lowercase letters.

  • OUT OF ORDER: Starting with the puzzle pieces in alphabetical order, have kids close their eyes while you switch a few of the letters. Have kids figure out what's out of order and fix the alphabet.

  • PATTERN POWER: Create a color pattern with three puzzle pieces. Have kids repeat the color pattern with other pieces. Have kids sort the letters into uppercase and lowercase or vowels and consonants. Create a pattern using the groups (for instance: vowel, consonant, consonant ... or, lowercase, uppercase, lowercase ...) and have kids continue the pattern with other pieces.

  • WORD SCRAMBLE: Using uppercase letters, jumble together the letters of a familiar word (box, chair, house) and challenge kids to unscramble the letters to spell the word. When they have done so, then have kids find the matching lowercase letters to spell the same word.

  • LETTER MATCH: Spell a familiar word with uppercase letters (box, chair, hours). Have kids find the matching lowercase letters to spell the same word.

  • FIX IT: Place pieces in alphabetical order except for a few letters. Ask kids to "fix" the alphabet.

  • HOW MANY WORDS: Have kids pick a piece, identify the picture underneath, then think of as many other words as they can that start with that letter.