Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Have kids line up all the blocks in alphabetical order with only uppercase letters showing. Then ask them to put them in order with only lowercase letters showing.

  • With the blocks in alphabetical order, have the child kids look away while you replace two letter blocks with shape blocks. Then ask them to identify which letters are gone. Have them win the letters back by saying a word that starts with each one.

  • Tell kids that the truck is about to leave for a trip, and the right cargo has to be loaded quickly. Have them load a specific group (all green blocks, all blocks with animal pictures, all letters in the child's name, etc.) onto the pegs before the truck pulls out. For an extra motor-skills challenge, begin moving the truck away while kids are completing the task.

  • Have kids sort the blocks by color. Then have them choose a color group and identify all the pictures on the blocks in that group. For an added challenge, have them make up a story using only the blocks in that group.

  • Spread the blocks around the play area and have kids race to put them back on the pegs, driving the truck around and adding the blocks along the way. Add to the challenge by having them load the letters in alphabetical order.

  • With all the blocks on the pegs, have kids drive the truck around the play space making deliveries according to your instructions. For instance, you could say, "Here we are at the lake--time to deliver the BOAT. Let's find the right letters: B-O-A-T." Encourage kids to take the right letters off of the truck and put them in order at the destination.