Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • PICK A PIECE: Place all the pieces on a flat surface in front of the balance. Ask kids to place a piece in the balance based on details you give. For instance, "Find the two shortest pieces and put them in the number 1 slots." Or, "Please put a blue piece in a number 3 slot and then a longer piece next to it."

  • MAKING IT BALANCE: Place a piece on one side of the balance, then ask kids to see how many different combinations of pieces they can add to the other side to make it balance!

  • TIPPING POINT: Have kids explore what happens when pieces move closer to or farther from the center of the balance. Have kids choose a pair of matching pieces and place them in the number 5 slots. Then, ask them to move one of the pieces to the number 4 slot and describe what happens. Repeat, having kids move the same piece to the number 3 slot, 2, then 1, describing what happens with each move.

  • ROCKING TOWER: Have kids put two pieces of the same color in the two "5" slots on the balancing stand. Challenge kids to stack other pieces as high as they can on top of the pieces in the stand! Can they stack all eight pieces without the tower collapsing? (Younger kids can try this first on a flat surface.)