Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • CHECK IT: Review the Travel Checklist with kids. Help them identify the items in the play set and how each is used. Talk about the Travel Tips and how they help keep pets safe when they are on the move.

  • WEEKLY PLANNER: What's on the agenda for today? Have kids create a schedule for their plush pets that includes meals, exercise, playtime, check-ups, grooming, and some trips!

  • TRAVEL TALES: Have kids fill out a Pet ID card and tell a story about one of the plush pets. What is its name and who does it live with? Where is it traveling to today and what adventures are in store?

  • CLEAN UP: When playtime is done for the day, have kids use the pet carrier to hold the play set pieces and even some of their toys, games, dolls, and stuffed animals! Turn clean-up time into a game by timing how quickly kids can get everything off the floor.