Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • CARING MATTERS: Review the Daily Pet Responsibilities checklist and talk about how each item is used. Sort the accessories into items used to "feed," those used to "play," and those with other uses.

  • HOW MUCH?: Pretend to weigh the plush puppy, then use the back of the dog food box to determine how much food it should get. Use measuring cups from the kitchen to demonstrate the different amounts.

  • PET TALES: Tell a story about the plush pets! What are their names and who do they live with? Do they know how to do any tricks? Explore scenarios, such as First Day of Puppy School, or Kitty Goes to the Fair.

  • TIME FOR TRICKS: Have kids teach their pets tricks, such as sit, come, fetch, or roll over! Use the ball and bone as part of some tricks, and reward the pets with treats when they master a new skill.