Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • CARING MATTERS: Review the Grooming Services checklist and talk about how each item is used. Sort the accessories into items used to "wash," those used to "trim," and those with other uses.

  • PAMPERED PETS: Set up a pet spa! Arrange a treatment room, as well as a waiting area filled with stuffed animals, chairs, and some reading material for the pet owners!

  • PET TALES: What is the dog's name and who does it live with? Does it know how to do any tricks? Tell a story about i--perhaps, Doggie Goes Out on the Town, or, Puppy Makes a New Friend.

  • BEST IN SHOW: It's time for the big dog show! Prepare by visiting the dog groomer to scrub, trim, and primp. Parade the pup and other stuffed animals past the judges. Create award certificates for the competition!