Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • VEHICLES ON PARADE: The big parade starts soon, and the vehicles need to line up. First help kids identify the names of all the vehicles using the guide on the left. Then have them arrange the magnets as you say the name of the vehicles aloud.

  • THE BIG RACE: Have kids line up a few magnets on one side of a magnetic surface. You'll call out how many "miles" each magnet can move toward the finish line. Agree on what constitutes a mile. For example, it could be equal to the length of a magnet not in the race. Start the race by saying something like: "Move the motorcycle three miles, the sports car five miles, and the dump truck two." Repeat until one of the vehicles reaches the finish line.

  • TIME FOR BED: It's bedtime! Designate areas of a magnetic surface as different locations: airport, construction site, school, hospital, warehouse (forklift, 18-wheeler), garage (limousine, sports car, monster truck, tow truck), and so on. Have kids place vehicles in the appropriate spots. Nighty-night!