Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • WHO AM I?: Help kids identify each dinosaur and talk a little about each (sea turtles can live more than 80 years; sharks have a great sense of smell; octopuses have no bones; dolphins breathe through a blowhole in the top of their head). Help kids identify the colors on each puppet and talk about characteristics the sea creatures share and what makes each unique.

  • Q&A: Use the puppets to ask kids questions, and have them ask questions of the puppets, too. For instance, the puppet might ask what it's like to be a kid, or ask about favorite snacks, games, or friends.

  • CHALLENGING SCENES: Use the puppets to act out challenging social scenes and encourage kids to help resolve them. For instance, perhaps the sea turtle wants to play with the octopus but doesn't know how to ask. Or, maybe the shark and the dolphin both reach for the last cookie at the same time.

  • SHOWTIME!: Encourage kids to make up a story of their own and act it out as a puppet show. Add a stage for the big performance, make a poster with the name of the play--perhaps, "A Day at the Aquarium," "First Day of (Underwater) School," or "Shark Makes a New Friend."