Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • PATTERN POWER: Create a color pattern with three magnet shapes. Have kids repeat the color pattern with other shapes below.

  • SHAPE SHIFTERS: Challenge kids to use the shapes to make different objects. For example, an ice cream cone could be constructed with a isosceles/acute triangle and a circle. The nighttime sky could include the crescent and the star. A wacky skyscraper could be made with any number of shapes stacked upon one another.

  • SHIPSHAPE: Have kids put all the magnets on a magnetic surface. Then call for a cleanup: "What a mess! Let's put all the red magnets over here, and the blue over there." Or you could have them put all the four-sided shapes in one area and the three-sided shapes in another.

  • TRACE & PLACE: Trace some of the shapes on a piece of paper and have kids color in the shapes. Use the guide on the left to help them identify the names of the shapes. Then, have them find the magnets that match the traced shapes.