Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • ROYAL BALL: The Queen is hosting a grand celebration! Help kids craft a story and use the figures to act it out. Who is on the guest list, and who will start the dancing? Will the royal pup cause a commotion?

  • STICK TO THE SCRIPT: Place all the magnets on the kitchen floor. Have kids place magnets on the fridge as you describe a scene. For example, "Two royal horses drank from the fountain outside the castle." Or, "The kind princess stood next to the royal coach with a gift for her best friend: a kitten!"

  • PRINCESS SHUFFLE: There are six magnets showing a single princess. Take the four facing straight ahead and lay them face-up on the floor. Point out the princess with the big pink bow on her skirt. Next, turn the princesses face-down and shuffle their positions. Where is the princess with the big pink bow now?