Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Ask the child to dress Lila and Lucky in coordinating outfits and describe the similarities between what they're wearing (colors, patterns, etc.)

  • Ask the child to divide the pieces into categories like skirts and crowns, saddles and bridles. (Add other categories if you wish.) Ask the child to count the pieces in each group. Which group has the most pieces? Which group has the fewest?

  • Ask the child to follow specific rules you set for dressing up Lila and Lucky. For instance: Ask for them both to be outfitted only in shades of blue, or using as many colors as possible.

  • Set up a pattern-matching memory game for the child to play alone or with a friend: Place the pieces facedown in a grid. Take turns flipping over two pieces at a time right-side up, and count a point for every pair with the same pattern that is found.

  • Trace Lila and Lucky on a piece of paper and let the child color them in. Encourage the child to add details like facial features, hair, and accessories, too!

  • Ask the child to dress Lila and Lucky and tell a story about what they will do today. Will they go on a magical adventure? Perform in a horse show? Visit friends at another castle?