Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Lay the circular topping pieces in a row and ask kids to count them with you.

  • Have kids sort the topping pieces (chocolate chips, blueberries, bananas, and butter) into two groups: circles and squares.

  • Place a selection of toppings on the play surface, with a different quantity of each type (1 banana piece, 2 blueberry pieces, etc.). Have kids identify the biggest group and the smallest group. Then have them put the groups in order from biggest to smallest.

  • Connect the butter pieces into a single "stick." Have kids cut the stick into four equal pieces. Reconnect the pieces. Then challenge kids to cut the stick into two equal halves.

  • Use topping pieces to begin a pattern. (For instance, banana, blueberry, butter, banana, blueberry.) Have kids add the piece that will complete the pattern.

  • Place an order for one or two pancakes with specific toppings. Make your request aloud for younger kids; for older kids, write it on a slip of paper so the "chef" can read your order - just like in a real restaurant!

  • Have kids sort the toppings into three groups, with one type of ingredient in each group. Have kids count the individual groups, then count all the pieces together.