Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Use a timer to see how quickly kids can iron the clothing free of wrinkles.

  • Talk about separating laundry into darks and lights. Have kids sort their doll's clothing by color. Then ask them to load the piles correctly into the washer/dryer, while counting the pieces.

  • Have kids fold the shirt and pants as small as they possibly can. How many folds can they make?

  • Have kids place three pairs of their socks into the washer/dryer. Take turns closing your eyes, opening the washer/dryer door and retrieving two socks. Whoever picks a matching pair first is the winner!

  • Have kids trace the shirt and pants onto a piece of paper and color them in to create unique outfits. Once done, help them cut the designs so they can place them in washer/dryer and pretend to iron them smooth.