Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • KNOW YOUR NOODLES : Use the menu card to identify the four types of pasta (penne, linguini, ravioli, bow ties--also called farfalle). Place two to four of each type into the pot. Name one of the types of pasta, then close your eyes and reach into the pot to find it by feel alone!

  • PASTA PICK-UP: Place all eight strands of linguini in a pile. Try to pick up as many pieces as possible using only the fork--no touching the pasta with fingers! Try with other types of pasta and see which kind is easiest to pile on the fork and which is hardest.

  • COLORS & PATERNS: Sort the ravioli fillings into three piles by color. Create a pattern by placing one piece from each pile in a row and then repeat in the same order until all the pieces are used. Make patterns by stacking the pieces into towers, too!

  • ORDER UP! Imagine owning a pasta restaurant! Choose a name, make signs and advertisements, and create a menu with prices. Draw a picture of what it looks like and tell a story about the customers who dine there.