Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • COLOR MATCH: Have kids name the colors on the dinosaurs and the rug. Challenge them to put the blue Apatosaurus on something blue on the rug, the orange T-Rex on something orange, and so on.

  • COUNT IT OUT: Have kids count the legs on one of the dinosaurs. Next, have them count the legs on two dinosaurs, then three, then all four. Point out various details on the rug, such as trees, rocks, mountains, etc., and ask kids to count them aloud as they point to them.

  • DINO ID: Help kids identify the dinosaur play figures (the orange Tyrannosaurus Rex, the green Triceratops, the turquoise Stegosaurus, and the blue Apatosaurus). Point out details on each of the dinosaurs and talk about how they make each unique: The long neck of the herbivore Apatosaurus allows it to reach food in tall tree branches; the shield-shaped plates on the Stegosaurus are used for protection; the Triceratops is named for its three horns; the T-Rex's large head (big brain) and upright posture suggest this carnivorous "Tyrant Lizard King" was a formidable hunter.

  • FOLLOW THE LEADER: Move a dinosaur around the rug from one location to another. Have kids watch you and then follow the same route from memory with another dinosaur. Take turns being the leader and the follower as you change the route around the rug.

  • PREHISTORIC TALES: Encourage kids to make up a story using the rug and the dinosaurs. Perhaps Apatosaurus wants to go swimming, but she doesn't want to go alone, so she goes in search of her friend Triceratops, who lives behind the volcano.

  • ADD YOUR OWN TOYS: Prehistoric Playground Dinosaur Rug is designed to play perfectly with toys you already have! Use additional animals, cars, chunky puzzle pieces, and play people to fill the scene and play make-elieve. You can use blocks to construct (and demolish!) a building or a bridge, add fish to the river, or use pebbles to build up the rocks or line the roads. Get creative and have fun!