Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Ask the child to sort the pieces into categories like tops, bottoms, hats, and shoes. Ask him or her to count how many pieces are in each category. Which has the most pieces? Which has the fewest?

  • String all three laces through the doll's hair and demonstrate a simple braid for the child. Help him or her continue the braid you started until he or she can do it independently.

  • Encourage the child to try different methods of lacing, such as looping around the edge with each stitch or crisscrossing the clothing and accessories to create intersecting lines.

  • Place four pieces in front of the child and ask him or her to study them together. With the child's eyes closed, remove one piece, then ask the child to describe which one is missing.

  • Ask the child to dress the doll and tell a story about what she will do today. Will she go to school, or to a garden party? What should she wear if she wants to play outside?

  • Give the child specific details about an outfit you'd like the doll to wear. For example, you could ask for an outfit with at least two pieces that feature hearts, or an outfit featuring both stripes and flowers.