Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • I SPY: Lay the pieces on a flat surface with the pictures facing up. Challenge kids to find pieces based on clues you give, such as, "I see a piece with three red and yellow banners," or, "I have a long, white beard and a purple, pointy hat!" Talk about how each of the pieces is an important part of the kingdom.

  • EXPAND THE KINGDOM: Set up set up a kingdom with the play set. Use string, yarn, blocks, or paper to add features such as fields, ponds, roads, or a village square. Add other toys and play pieces, such as vehicles, animal figures, play people, or chunky puzzle pieces. Have kids use the horse and carriage to take you "on a tour" of the kingdom they have created.

  • STORY STARTERS: Use the blocks to tell countless stories about the kingdom and the people who live there: Knights from a neighboring kingdom have come to compete in an archery tournament! A dragon is attacking and everyone must band together to defend the castle! A festival is taking place in the village square and the princess wants to go, but the king has forbidden her to attend!

  • TOWER POWER: On a hard, flat surface, challenge kids to stack the pieces in different ways. For instance: all of the people lying flat; all of the buildings standing up; as many pieces as possible on top of the carriage (how far can the horse pull the carriage before the tower topples?); or all the pieces with yellow on them. Take turns stacking pieces, trying to build a tower as high as possible before it topples!