Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • COUNT IT OUT With kids, count the number of pizza slices. Repeat until they are able to count them independently.

  • TOPPING TYPES Have kids sort the toppings into groups by type. Have them identify each type of food and count how many there are in each group. Count how many toppings there are all together.

  • SAME SLICE Play a matching game by filling a slice of pizza with three toppings and asking kids to match your slice.

  • DIVIDE & CONQUER Put all six slices of pizza on the pizza pan to introduce the word "whole." Demonstrate "half" by slicing through the middle of the pizza. Put the pizza together again, then demonstrate "thirds" by slicing the pizza into three equal sections.

  • ORDER UP Ask kids to make you a slice of pizza to order. Specify which toppings you'd like, and ask the child to cut one or more pieces for you to "eat."