Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • CAPITALS & CODES: Instead of searching for license plates, test kids' knowledge of the state capitals and postal code abbreviations! Designate one passenger to call out a state name. The first player to name the state's capital or spell the postal abbreviation correctly flips the tile to his or her chosen color.

  • WHERE IS IT?: Help kids learn where states are located. Flip all the tiles onto their sides so the state name is hidden. Ask kids to find a particular state. When they answer, have them flip the tile to check if the answer is correct. Continue quizzing kids until they locate every state on the map!

  • ADD STATE CAPITALS: Make the game even more challenging by requiring that players must not only spot a plate and call out its state name, but must also call out the state's capital in order to flip the corresponding tile. If the player gets the capital wrong, an opposing playing may choose to answer; if the player answers correctly, the tile is flipped to that player's color.