Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • SORT & MATCH: Sort the pieces into groups: tail, tops, and crowns. Find matching patterns or colors on different pieces, then use those pieces to dress the mermaid and dolphin in coordinating outfits!

  • PATTERN POWER: Set a timer and see how quickly you can find all the pieces with polka-dots! Try to beat the record while searching for more patterns, like pieces with seashells, stars, ovals, etc.

  • MERMAID TALES: Give the mermaids and dolphin names. Dress the figures and then tell a story about where they going today and what adventures they have along the way.

  • TRACE & COLOR: Trace a tail several times on a piece of paper and color in the drawings. Cut out the pieces and use tape to temporarily affix the new outfits to the tails to create new outfits to dress the mermaids!