Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • SLEEPOVER: Have baby host a sleepover with another doll or stuffed animal! Decide who will sleep on the bottom bunk and who gets the top one. Gather lots of cozy pillows, blankets, stuffed toys, and games to play. Don't forget snacks!

  • DOLL HOSPITAL: Set up the beds side by side and pretend it's a hospital room! Take care of "sick" or "injured" dolls or stuffed animals by making sure they get plenty of rest, water, and cuddles, taking their temperature with a pretend thermometer, etc.

  • STORY TIME: Think of sweet stories to tell babies as part of their bedtime routine. Perhaps it could start: "Once upon a time, there were two teddy bears that wanted to go to school . . ."

  • ROCK-A-BYE: Make up lullabies to sing to babies while tucking them into bed, and some gentle "time to wake up" songs, too!