Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • ROCK-A-BYE: Make up lullabies to sing to baby while rocking them to sleep in the cradle, and some gentle "time to wake up" songs, too!

  • SICK DAY: Baby has a tummy ache and the doctor has prescribed lots of rest! Take care of a "sick" doll or stuffed animal by swaddling it in a blanket, making sure it gets plenty of water and cuddles, taking its temperature with a pretend thermometer, etc.

  • IMAGINATION STATION: Imagine other things the cradle can be besides a place to sleep: A raft going through river rapids; a roller coaster car at the amusement park; a safari truck rumbling across the African plains; a boat crossing the ocean! Make up stories about the adventures baby has.

  • CLEAN UP: When playtime is done for the day, use the crib to hold toys, games, dolls, and stuffed animals! Turn clean-up time into a game by timing how quickly you can get everything off the floor. Try to beat the record next time!