Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • SORT & COUNT: Mix all the color caps together in a pile. Have kids sort the caps by color (red, yellow, green, blue). Have them count the number of groups (four) and the number of caps in each group (16). Have kids choose one color and snap all those caps into the holes on the wooden play board so the caps are touching. Then, have them choose a second color and snap those in the holes next to the first group. Color caps can fit into spaces made by other caps placed close together -- challenge kids to build one layer using one color, and a second layer with a different color.

  • MATH MATTERS: Place four color caps in the wooden play board, and have kids count them. Have kids remove one cap and tell you how many are left. ("If we have four color caps and we take away one, how many do we have? Four minus one is one, two, three!") Repeat, removing two color caps, three, etc. Add back one color cap at a time, asking kids to tell you how many there are as you do. As addition and subtraction skills develop, start with more than four color caps in the board and add and subtract more than one cap at a time!

  • WHO AM I? Have kids identify all of the animals on the cards. Have them sort the pictures according to details you give, such as animals that fly and those that don't, or those that include flowers and those that don't. Encourage kids to make the animal sounds and to make up stories using the cards and the color caps. For instance, maybe Petunia Parrot is helping some pirates search for treasure on a desert island. Have kids hide "jewels" (color caps) in Petunia's feathers. What other animals does the parrot meet as she flies around the island?