Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Discuss the components of a calendar. Ask the child to recite days of the week and months of the year. How many days are in a week, each month, and a year? (Don't forget leap years!) Ask which months have the same number of days

  • Help the child set up the calendar for the month. Place the month, year, and date magnets in the correct spaces. Fill in holidays that fall within the month using the magnets provided. Talk about why some holidays always fall on the same date every year while others fall on a specific day of the week instead.

  • Discuss the child's schedule, upcoming events, and celebrations for the month. Chart these dates using the magnets provided or by customizing the blank piece; use a dry-erase marker so the piece can be re-used! If the blank piece doesn't wipe completely clean with a dry cloth or tissue, use white-board cleaner, a damp cloth with soap, glass cleaner, vinegar, or toothpaste with a bit of water.

  • Use the calendar to discuss and track seasons and weather.