Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Have kids sort the pieces by color, shape, or size. Then count and compare the groups. Which has the most pieces? Which has the fewest?

  • Connect a few of the pieces (such as a bolt, block, and nut) and have kids copy your creation.

  • Use the pieces to construct and identify different letters of the alphabet.

  • Build two simple structures that are nearly identical. Have kids find the differences. Help them to "fix" one of the two so they are exactly the same.

  • Build a more complex construction and challenge kids to take it apart as quickly as possible.

  • Ask the child to attach as many pieces as possible to the sides of the box. Add to the challenge by establishing specific rules, such as "No yellow pieces on this side."

  • Help the child to create unique machines. Encourage imagination by asking the child to solve a creative challenge ("How will we cross this rocky stream?") or make the wackiest robot possible!