Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • CARING MATTERS: Review the Grooming & Feeding checklist with kids. Help them to identify the items in the play set and talk about how each is used to care for a horse. Have kids sort the accessories into items used to "feed," those used to "groom," and those with other uses.

  • PONY PARADE: It's a special occasion and your horse has been invited to lead the local parade! Use the checklist to make sure the horse is well fed, groomed, and ready to go. Line up some of your other stuffed animals, and plan a parade route around the room!

  • HORSE TALES: Have kids tell a story about the plush horse! What is its name, where does it live, and what does it like to do? Is it a race horse, a show horse, or does it help out on a farm?

  • CLEAN UP: When playtime is done for the day, have kids use the horse stall to hold the play set pieces and even some of their small toys, games, or puzzle pieces! Turn clean-up time into a game by timing how quickly kids can get everything off the floor.