Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Have kids identify each animal. Then make its animal sound together.

  • Have kids describe the colors, patterns, and other details of each animal.

  • Use the puppets to ask kids questions, and let them ask questions of the puppet, too. For instance, the puppet might ask the child what it's like to be a kid, or ask about favorite snacks, games, or friends.

  • Place one puppet on your hand and one on the child's hand. Use your puppets to ask the child's puppet questions. For instance, put the monkey puppet on and say, "I get around quickly by swinging on trees. How do you get from place to place, Tiger?"

  • Use the animals to act out a "people" scene that's familiar to the child. For instance, you might have the elephant go to a friend's birthday party. Allow kids to join in the scene or simply observe.

  • Use the puppets to act out a challenging social scene, and encourage kids to help you resolve it. For instance, perhaps the giraffe wants to play with the monkey but doesn't know how to ask, or maybe the tiger is being too bossy and the other animals are upset.

  • Encourage kids to make up a story and act it out as a puppet show. Optional: Add a stage for the big performance, make a poster with the name of the play, and collect tickets from the audience members.