Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Help the child identify each puppet's occupation. Help the child give each puppet a name.

  • Help the child describe the details on the puppets' outfits, and ask how each tool or accessory might be useful in their work.

  • Use the puppets to ask the child questions, and let the child ask questions of the puppets, too. For instance, the puppets might ask the child what it's like to be a kid, or ask about favorite snacks, games, or friends.

  • Place one puppet on your hand and one on the child's hand. Use your puppet to ask the child's puppet questions. For instance, "I like books about building things. What do you like to read at the library?"

  • Use the puppets to act out a scene for the child. For instance, you might have the firefighter and doctor preparing for an emergency: talking about which supplies they might need, what each of them can do to help, and how they will get there. Allow the child to join in the scene or simply observe.

  • Use the puppets to act out challenging social scenes and encourage the child to help resolve them. For instance, perhaps the police officer and the doctor both want to borrow the construction worker's hammer at the same time, or maybe the firefighter needs help but isn't sure how to ask a friend.

  • Encourage the child to make up a story of his or her own and act it out as a puppet show.