Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • 6 MONTHS AND UP: -Encourage kids to feel and grasp the fringe and to squeeze and pat the drums. -Pat one of the drums while guiding the child's hand to pat the other drum. -Count aloud as you point to different features on the bongos, such as the fringe pieces, the animals, and different shapes.

  • 9 MONTHS AND UP: -Place the bongos slightly out of reach and encourage kids to reach and grasp and pull them near. -Demonstrate the different sounds the bongos can make - pat the drums with the sound off, pat them with just drumbeats on, and pat them with drumbeats and music on. Encourage kids to repeat after you each time you pat the drums. -Point to and identify the animals on the sides of the bongos, encouraging kids to pat the picture as you name the animal. -With the drumbeats on, pat the bongos as you count each beat. Have kids pat the bongos while you count aloud each time the drum makes a sound.

  • 12 MONTHS AND UP: -Help kids identify the colors on the bongos. Say a color name aloud and guide their finger to point to different places on the drums where the color appears. -Tell a story about the animals on the side of the bongos. As you point to each animal, say its name and make its sound. -Turn the drumbeats on and, counting aloud, pat the drum one, two, or three times. Ask kids to repeat what you did, patting the drum the same number of times, while you count aloud.