Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • 0 MONTHS AND UP: - Bring the toy close to the child to let the child see the bright colors. - Guide the child's hand to pat the fish's fuzzy face and crinkly scales.

  • 3 MONTHS AND UP: - As the child lies on his or her belly, place the toy on the floor ahead to encourage neck strength and focus. - Place the toy in the child's hands and guide his or her hands to flip the scales back and forth. - Place the toy on the floor in front of the child to encourage tummy time.

  • 6 MONTHS AND UP: - Squeeze the squeaker in the fish's tail. Then encourage the child to pat the tail to try to make it squeak. - Place the toy within easy reach and encourage the child to pat the crinkly scales. - Show the child his or her reflection in the mirror. As the child begins to recognize the reflection as his or her own, encourage facial expressions such as opening the mouth or blowing raspberries.