Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Mix all the shapes and number tiles together in a pile. Ask the child to sort them by color, then place them in the correct spots as quickly as possible.

  • Say each shape name, pointing to the word printed on the board, until the child can say them independently.

  • Say a certain number (for example: seven), then ask the child to tell you the matching shape and color ("Seven blue squares!").

  • Create a sequence with the shapes (for example: circle, triangle, octagon) and ask the child to repeat it. As play progresses, increase the number of pieces in the sequence.

  • Put all the number tiles in a pile with the spelled-out numbers facing upward. Use shapes to recreate one of the patterns printed on the board (for example: three rows of three purple circles). Ask the child to count the shapes and put the correct number tile (nine) onto the board.

  • Work on early math concepts by placing a single shape onto a peg and asking the child to add another, guiding him or her through an addition problem (for example: "One square plus one square makes two squares. If we add one more, how many squares do we have in all?").