Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Have kids identify each emergency vehicle. Ask him or her to name the community helpers and describe what they do.

  • Have kids line up all of the play figures on a flat surface, then roll the vehicles toward them one at a time. Challenge kids to get the vehicles as close as possible to the play figures without knocking them over!

  • Have kids balance the helicopter on the back of the ambulance or fire truck; how far can they push it before the helicopter falls off?

  • Have kids count the wheels on one vehicle. When they are able to independently count four wheels, ask them to count the wheels on two vehicles. Repeat this activity until kids can count how many wheels there are on the three rolling vehicles.

  • Encourage kids to tell a story with one or more of the vehicles and play figures. For example: The police officer rushes to an emergency and discovers a fire at the scene, so he calls his friend the fireman to help!