Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • IN JAPANESE, PLEASE Have kids  use the menu to help identify all the pieces in the set. Talk about the English and the Japanese name for each item.

  • STICK STACK Take turns using the chopsticks to stack items on top of each other on the serving tray. Continue until the tower topples! Next, challenge each other to use the chopsticks to move each ingredient from the counter to the tray and back again.

  • WHOLE & HALF Have kids make two three-piece  sushi rolls, stick them together,  then count the pieces. Have kids use the knife to slice the roll in the middle, then count the number of pieces in each section. Talk about "whole" and "half." Ask them to show you the "whole roll," then "half" of the roll.

  • MEMORY GAME Line up four pieces on the tray and have kids say the name of each. Have them close their eyes, remove one piece, then have them point out which piece is missing. Increase difficulty by adding and/or removing more pieces.

  • SORT & COUNT Have kids sort the items into groups, such as fish and vegetable, square pieces and rectangular pieces, or food and non-food pieces. Have them count the pieces in each group and determine which has more pieces and which has fewer.