Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • SLICE & COUNT: Help kids identify all the pieces in the set. Have them practice counting as they slice the vegetables, shrimp, and chicken, or as they place leafy greens in the salad bowl.

  • CU-CA-MUSH-RIMP: Have kids stick together the cucumber, carrot, mushroom, and shrimp pieces in random order to make one long "cuc-ca-mush-rimp" loaf! Then have them slice the loaf and match the pieces that go together.

  • WHAT AM I: Toss several ingredients in the bowl. With their eyes closed, have kids reach into the bowl, choose a piece, and try to guess what it is by feel alone!

  • ORDER UP: Encourage kids to imagine owning a "salad shop." Have them choose a name, make signs, and set prices for the salads on the reusable menu. Take turns being the customer and the salad chef!