Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • SORT & MATCH: Have the kids sort the pieces into groups: tops, pants, skirts, pet sweaters, etc. Ask them to find matching patterns on different pieces, then use those pieces to dress the dolls and pets in coordinating outfits!

  • MIXED UP OUTFITS: Set a time for 30 seconds and challenge kids to come up with a silly outfit for one of the figures before time runs out. Maybe the cat is wearing sunglasses and a skirt, or a doll dresses in just one shoe and a winter hat. Have kids tell you what makes the outfits silly.

  • FETCH: The puppy dog loves to play fetch! Place all the pieces in the storage tray and ask the kids to use the dog on a stand to "retrieve" a specific piece, such as the hat with the peace sign or a pink shoe. When they find the piece, have them place it on the dog. How many different pieces can they fetch and stick to the dog without any falling off?

  • STORY TIME: Have kids give each doll and pet a name. Have them dress all four of the figures and then tell a story about where they are going and what adventures they have along the way.